FruitCare’s Business Roundtable

FruitCare’s Business Roundtable

October 29th/2020

The International Business Roundtable, Chilean Export Fruits and Vegetables, is a unique instance that puts Chilean growers/ exporters in direct contact with buyers of fresh and dried fruit, vegetables and organic products both from Chile and abroad. As a consequence of the global pandemic, and for the first time in eighteen years, the activity will be 100% virtual.

Everything begins with this registration. The first thing to choose is the segment, either as a buyer/importer/supermarket; or grower/exporter. Once your participation is authorized, you can begin to schedule meetings from October 22 until October 27.

What does this mean?

That from the comfort of your desk you can check the information sheets of the registered participants and request a meeting (or they can also request meetings with you). These may be accepted or rejected, but the truth is that when October 29 comes, you will already have your virtual meeting agenda.


Fruit suppliers (Growers/Exporters)
They are the owners, partners, commercial managers, foreign trade managers. They remain wary and anticipate change, improve productivity, are proactive and are generally the first to adopt technology within the sector. Here, you will be able to find added value in the diversity of offered products. This will make you able to tailor solutions according to your needs. Estimated audience: 100 growers/exporters.

Fresh Produce Buyers (Retailers/Brokers/ Supermarkets)
The buyers you will find are wholesale importers, retailers, supermarket chains, brokers or others, coming from the main markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America and the domestic market. Estimated audience: A minimum of 50 buyers.




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