About us

About us

FruitCare is an international business roundtable and seminars specialized in Chilean fruit and vegetables for export. It is organized by the Fruit Grower Federation of Chile and it is also supported by the Chilean government through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Chilean Promotion Bureau, ProChile.

About Fedefruta

Founded in 1985, the Chilean Fruit Grower Federation (Fedefruta in Spanish) is a non-profit organization who represents over twenty-eight thousand fruit growers throughout the country. One of the many purposes of the institution is to defend their interests against authorities and other sectors of the supply chain thus improving their business opportunities.

The Federation’s good standing has allowed it to actively participate in the debates of the policies that affect the industry, acting as a guiding, enabling and integrating voice of Chilean businessmen before the government, parliamentarians, research centers and public opinion in general.

Since 2003, the Federation has celebrated Fruittrade, an event known as the largest business roundtable, convention and exhibition of the Chilean fruit and vegetable industry.
For more information, visit www.fedefruta.cl.

About ProChile

The Chilean Promotion Bureau (ProChile) is an institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting the exportable supply of Chilean goods and services, and of contributing to the dissemination of foreign investment and the promotion of tourism.

ProChile places at the service of the country all the knowledge and information necessary to facilitate and support export companies and those with exporting potential in the internationalization process.

Its management seeks to intensify productive development and joint work between companies, involving the public and private sectors to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

ProChile has a national network made up of sixteen Regional Bureaus located in each of the country’s states. All these bureaus employ professionals who know the characteristics of the regional exportable supply and who will be able to guide exporters with specialized information that will ease their internationalization process.

Likewise, the institution has an external network made up of fifty-six Commercial Offices strategically located in the most important markets of the world. All of them employ highly qualified professionals who are constantly monitoring opportunities, trends and demands of the markets, in addition to linking our exportable supply with importers, distributors and key opinion leaders in their countries.

For more information, visit www.prochile.cl

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